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Meet the Mathies

Hey there,

We're the Mathie Family: Scott, Farryn, June, Walt, and the little rascal, Louis. We have had an incredible six years of being a part of the southern Utah community. As mentioned, we have three children: June, our 9-year-old entrepreneur, Walt, our 6-year-old jokester, and the adorable, yet WILD 2-year-old, Louis (LouiE).

Life's pretty colorful for us. Scott's got this cool gig teaching leadership stuff at Utah Tech, but He's also a traveler, coaching, consulting, and training professionals and students from coast to coast. As for me, Farryn, I'm all about keeping things lively as a stay-at-home mom. Maintaining my Taxi Mom license all while playing Taylor Swift on repeat in my awesome Minivan.

Now, here's a little secret: finding babysitters wasn't a breeze for us. With no family around, it felt like a puzzle to crack every time we needed someone trusted to watch over our little tribe.

And that's why Utah Sitters is more than just a babysitting agency for us. It's our way of bringing a solution to families like ours – families that need trustworthy care for their kiddos. We're on a mission to make this whole babysitting thing easier and more reliable, not only for us but for families all across Southern Utah, and hoping to expand quickly! 

So yeah, that's us. The Mathie Family, loving life in Southern Utah and excited to grow Utah Sitters to serve families all over the state.


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