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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the booking fee applied to the caregiver’s wages?

No, the booking fee and caregiver wages are separate. You will pay your sitter directly via cash, check, or Venmo at the end of the service. The booking fee is charged to your credit card when the service ends. 

Why do I have to pay a booking fee?

The booking fee serves to cover operational expenses for Utah Sitters, encompassing insurance, licensing, app usage, advertising, and more. Our ability to sustain this service relies on booking fees and membership charges.

We've introduced memberships tailored to clients with frequent babysitting needs, providing a more cost-effective way to access our services. This option is ideal for families seeking regular childcare support. On the other hand, our one-time booking fee remains perfect for clients who require a babysitter only occasionally, making it a convenient and flexible choice for those few times a year.

Agencies that skip the fee usually deduct a portion from the caregiver's earnings. However, we believe in transparency and fairness. By keeping things distinct, we can maintain top-notch babysitters without compromising their compensation.  


Do you have caregivers that have experience with kids with disabilities?

Indeed, we do. While not all our caregivers possess that particular experience, it does limit the availability to some extent. If your family requires such expertise, please inform us, and we'll make every effort to connect you with a caregiver who has the necessary experience.

Do you offer overnight babysitters?

Yes, we do. Please send us an email with your need and we can work out details. We typically start at a rate of $200/24 hrs. 

How can we be sure our children will be safe with your sitters?

Utah Sitters was born out of a personal need for reliable babysitting, and that's why we have taken the utmost care in selecting our caregivers. Each caregiver has been interviewed in person, undergone a background check, holds CPR certification, and is at least 18 years old. We've meticulously checked multiple references, and in fact, many of them have personally cared for my own children. I confidently vouch for their childcare abilities. We also feature a weekly sitter bio on our Instagram page, giving you the opportunity to become familiar with our sitters prior to making a booking.

Do I have to visit the website each time I want to book a service?

No. Once you register with our SitterPro app (through the Book Now link on the website), you can manage all of your bookings through the app.

Why do I pay a cancellation fee?

The cancellation fee is charged to your credit card and paid directly to your sitter. Only services with a confirmed caregiver will be charged the cancellation fee. The sitter has arranged their schedule and made a commitment to the job. They have been unable to take other jobs because of their commitment to you. This small gesture helps retain good caregivers. 

Do you have services for special events?

Please email us your need and we can work out the details. We'd love to help with your wedding plans, company parties, family reunions, etc. 

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